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Purple Mattress: Tips to Transition Your Little One

Since we have little one young number 2 on the way we have decided to transition our son to a twin sized mattress in the next couple of months and I hope to be successful with it. I’ve done some pretty extensive research on transitioning because I want it to goes as smoothly as it can, or as smoothly as my son will let us! We decided to keep it very minimal at the beginning of the transition.

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Why I chose Aleva Naturals

When Lucas was born we went through trail & error with multiple baby care brands and maternal brands for myself! I went into London Drugs one day and saw Aleva Naturals when Lucas was ill with a cold. I purchased Aleva’s Soothing Comfort Chest Rub and Nose 'n' Blows Wipes. Once I used those two products I feel like I was hooked! What really drew us in was that it has the label “vegan” on it as we like to be as plant based as possible. Lucas also tolerates Aleva’s Nose n Blows wipes over using another brands baby wipe on his face because some wipes can be soft on one side and coarser on the other!

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JUSU Body - Baby Collection

JUSU is a local company that I have fallen in love with over & over again for the last couple of years. They have expanded into much more than just a juice bar. When I decided to research more into JUSU and why it started it really hit me hard in the chest. Learning that the CEO, Bruce Mullen’s wife passed away from Breast Cancer and knowing Bruce was looking for ways to reverse his wife’s fatal illness. Jusu was created in honour of Charlene, his wife. JUSU's focus on striving for a zero-impact lifestyle continued with the realization that the cold-pressed organic juices was a nutrient gold mine. JUSU Body started in 2016, with pure, organic juice pulp-infused and plant-based skincare products to protect your body and the environment.  I purchased a couple of their items when it launched and ended up buying my husband the shaving cream along with their ginger soap bar.

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