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5 tips on how to introduce a bottle.

When you first introduce a bottle to your baby it’s a big deal! From finding the right nipple top your baby likes, to if the bottle needs to be anti-colic or not. It’s trial and error. I have five useful tips here for you today that will hopefully help you along your journey of finding the perfect bottle and introducing the bottle to your baby. If you have any additional tips, leave them in the comments below for fellow parents to read!

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Why Philips Avent Bottles Is His Go-To Bottle

Lucas has been bottle fed ever since he was 8 weeks old because my nursing journey ended too soon against my will. It wasn’t working out for us unfortunately. However, I chose to exclusively pump for my son and we had a long journey of 18 months! I was dedicated. We tried one formula and it was a few sips and I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I wanted Lucas to have my milk for as long as possible and that meant committing to my son’s health by taking my nutrients. We are a plant-based family so for Lucas to have milk up until he is two years old is vital, however thankfully we have a beauty plant-based option available so he has that daily since we stopped our breastmilk journey.

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JUSU Body - Baby Collection

JUSU is a local company that I have fallen in love with over & over again for the last couple of years. They have expanded into much more than just a juice bar. When I decided to research more into JUSU and why it started it really hit me hard in the chest. Learning that the CEO, Bruce Mullen’s wife passed away from Breast Cancer and knowing Bruce was looking for ways to reverse his wife’s fatal illness. Jusu was created in honour of Charlene, his wife. JUSU's focus on striving for a zero-impact lifestyle continued with the realization that the cold-pressed organic juices was a nutrient gold mine. JUSU Body started in 2016, with pure, organic juice pulp-infused and plant-based skincare products to protect your body and the environment.  I purchased a couple of their items when it launched and ended up buying my husband the shaving cream along with their ginger soap bar.

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