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5 remedies to help YOU sleep

When my son was a few months old, and I was deep in the midst of sleep-deprivation & “mommy fog”. Lucas was still sleeping a lot better than most newborns. I would only have to get up once, but most of the time twice or three times for 3 months. That being said, I don’t do well on broken sleep & I cried. A lot. Lucas was a good sleeper relativity early. We think it’s because of his weight! He’s always been in the 97th percentile. When he finally did start sleeping well, I discovered something — he could sleep through the night, but I couldn’t! Suddenly, was the one waking up multiple times each night, unable to fall back asleep, while my son slept peacefully in his crib. I would constantly check the video monitor each time I woke up. 

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