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Hospital Bag Must Haves

34 weeks pregnant as I write out my hospital bag must-haves because I don’t feel I will make it until my due date! I gave birth to my son Lucas at 38 weeks on the dot! I went into labor when I was 37 weeks 6days pregnant. I want to make sure I am ready for little one young number two’s arrival because now having a toddler & still unpacking our home some-what I feel so unorganized!

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Why I chose Aleva Naturals

When Lucas was born we went through trail & error with multiple baby care brands and maternal brands for myself! I went into London Drugs one day and saw Aleva Naturals when Lucas was ill with a cold. I purchased Aleva’s Soothing Comfort Chest Rub and Nose 'n' Blows Wipes. Once I used those two products I feel like I was hooked! What really drew us in was that it has the label “vegan” on it as we like to be as plant based as possible. Lucas also tolerates Aleva’s Nose n Blows wipes over using another brands baby wipe on his face because some wipes can be soft on one side and coarser on the other!

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Little One Young #2! Our Rainbow baby

If you have been following along, you would know that we lost a baby back in November. It was tough. A lot of family & friends were surprised to find out we were even pregnant because we originally said to everyone like a broke record “One & Done”. After losing the little bean back in November we decided that we truly did want a second little one running around and for Lucas to have a sibling. To my surprised after 30 days after the miscarriage, I tested positive! I just decided to take a test for the hell of it. I was doing my makeup for work and had my glasses off and looked over at the test maybe 1 minute after taking it and my eyes were bulging. I was in shock! I couldn’t believe it and scrambled to put on my glasses. I kept it a secret from my husband for a couple of days but decided to tell him because I felt the hormones rushing on in and I can’t hide when Im over emotional. Im 12 weeks as of today.

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• Weeks Thirty Two & Thirty Three

It's crazy how quickly things can change from week to week! I had just given my work HR department my maternity application, given them my last date as I was given the go-ahead to work up until my due date and a week or so later.. Here I'am... Overheating, major baby brain to the max & feeling like I have no room for my own organs!

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• Week Thirty One

Here do I begin, 31 weeks pregnant is uncomfortable of course but I went camping starting on 31 weeks and the 4 days being in nature was great! My only complaint would be walking because of my SPD.
Spencer & I ate really well on the camping trip besides a couple vegan s'mores! We went to Long Beach, Tofino and watched the surfers, took funny photos

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≫ Nursery Essentials ≪

I may be a soon to be mumma for the first time but I feel like I am pretty aware of what the essentials are for your first nursery or a small refresher! I was lucky enough to be given a lot of the items for the nursery from close friends who have had children already! Let's begin.

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• Week Twenty Eight •

I've officially hit another milestone! THIRD TRIMESTER! Where has the time gone? I was told it would go by fast & when I was told this I was probably 9 weeks along. I was just dragging every day because I felt like it was going by so slow! Now, I wish I had more time with being less uncomfortable though. The overwhelming feeling has officially set in like I need to get everything done. Which, I will probably get the majority and be bored by the end of my pregnancy waiting on little one to come into this world to join us.

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