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Hospital Bag Must Haves

34 weeks pregnant as I write out my hospital bag must-haves because I don’t feel I will make it until my due date! I gave birth to my son Lucas at 38 weeks on the dot! I went into labor when I was 37 weeks 6days pregnant. I want to make sure I am ready for little one young number two’s arrival because now having a toddler & still unpacking our home some-what I feel so unorganized!

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5 tips on how to introduce a bottle.

When you first introduce a bottle to your baby it’s a big deal! From finding the right nipple top your baby likes, to if the bottle needs to be anti-colic or not. It’s trial and error. I have five useful tips here for you today that will hopefully help you along your journey of finding the perfect bottle and introducing the bottle to your baby. If you have any additional tips, leave them in the comments below for fellow parents to read!

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Reducing the risk of SIDS

When you’re a new mother or mother to be you’re constantly searching the internet to educate yourself on everything & anything baby related. Including the best environment for your baby to sleep in. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is something every parent will worry about and I am here today to let you know ways you can reduce the risk of SIDS. Let’s start with Soothers!

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Mom to Mom Chat

arenting these days is so much about upping each other in being what you think is THE perfect Mother. You spend so many hours stressing about what your child is putting in their body, putting on their body, watching too much of, watching to little of. It is stressful AF and to be honest, useless. Your child isn’t going to think back about their childhood and be like, oh thank goodness my mom limited my screen time and only fed me organic, forcing me to eat only raw vegetable because that’s what ‘studies show’ is best.

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Why I chose Aleva Naturals

When Lucas was born we went through trail & error with multiple baby care brands and maternal brands for myself! I went into London Drugs one day and saw Aleva Naturals when Lucas was ill with a cold. I purchased Aleva’s Soothing Comfort Chest Rub and Nose 'n' Blows Wipes. Once I used those two products I feel like I was hooked! What really drew us in was that it has the label “vegan” on it as we like to be as plant based as possible. Lucas also tolerates Aleva’s Nose n Blows wipes over using another brands baby wipe on his face because some wipes can be soft on one side and coarser on the other!

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Little One Young #2! Our Rainbow baby

If you have been following along, you would know that we lost a baby back in November. It was tough. A lot of family & friends were surprised to find out we were even pregnant because we originally said to everyone like a broke record “One & Done”. After losing the little bean back in November we decided that we truly did want a second little one running around and for Lucas to have a sibling. To my surprised after 30 days after the miscarriage, I tested positive! I just decided to take a test for the hell of it. I was doing my makeup for work and had my glasses off and looked over at the test maybe 1 minute after taking it and my eyes were bulging. I was in shock! I couldn’t believe it and scrambled to put on my glasses. I kept it a secret from my husband for a couple of days but decided to tell him because I felt the hormones rushing on in and I can’t hide when Im over emotional. Im 12 weeks as of today.

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Increasing your milk supply!

I don’t think there’s a breastfeeding momma out there who doesn’t worry about her supply.  I was obsessive about my supply when Lucas was first born.  I had heard so many stories of moms who’s supply had suddenly dropped and could no longer feed their babies.  When I would see a dip in what I was producing, I’d use these strategies to increase my milk supply. When I was taking care of myself and following these tips, I’d typically pump between 9-10 ounces from each side! If you’re working hard to keep your milk flowing (or just doing some research ahead of time), try these totally doable ways to pump up production

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Little Personal Update!

So hello, December! I have been pretty quiet on my blog this month due to it' being absolutely chaos! I have a lot going on at the moment this month so I am hoping to get back into the swing of things come January! For now I wanted to update you on why I have been missing.
We have seen Santa about 4 times and it’s only juuust the middle of December. Lucas thankfully isn’t afraid of Santa!

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