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• Week Nineteen •

This has been one of the best weeks I think as far as symptoms go! Everything is very manageable. I have more energy, so does baby LOL. He or She keeps rolling around and kicking and loves to put their head right by my bladder and get lodged in between my bladder & the sac. We have had two ultrasounds in the last week. The first was a 3D ultrasound we paid for and received a bear with babes heartbeat recorded into it, USB with all the photos & video of our session and also two printouts in 3D. We went right at 19 weeks and so our lovely tech asked us to come back at 28 weeks for another session for free! 

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• Week Eighteen •

This week I have definitely been feeling a little more exhausted than normal. According to the apps I use to track my pregnancy. (You can see my favourite ones here) It says a symptom this week could be dizziness due to low blood pressure. Which is completely on point! Also, I am having a hard time walking fast like I normally would. My spouse says it's so different that I'm the slow poke now because I normally would be ahead of everyone if we were walking together! Now I can barely keep up with my 6'3 other half when we do trail walks! I also can barley bend to tie my shoes.. So I had to take evidence that Spencer was tying my shoes for me since he took a photo of me tying his shoe last summer as a joke saying I was his assistant! 

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The Pregnancy Apps for IOS/Android

You can call me crazy for having so many pregnancy/baby apps but I love the information each IOS application gives me. I get notifications daily saying new information about baby & cute little facts.

It is my favourite thing to wake up and learn something new & share with my spouse while we both slowly wake up in the mornings!

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