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• Weeks Thirty Two & Thirty Three

It's crazy how quickly things can change from week to week! I had just given my work HR department my maternity application, given them my last date as I was given the go-ahead to work up until my due date and a week or so later.. Here I'am... Overheating, major baby brain to the max & feeling like I have no room for my own organs!

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• Week Thirty One

Here do I begin, 31 weeks pregnant is uncomfortable of course but I went camping starting on 31 weeks and the 4 days being in nature was great! My only complaint would be walking because of my SPD.
Spencer & I ate really well on the camping trip besides a couple vegan s'mores! We went to Long Beach, Tofino and watched the surfers, took funny photos

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≫ Nursery Essentials ≪

I may be a soon to be mumma for the first time but I feel like I am pretty aware of what the essentials are for your first nursery or a small refresher! I was lucky enough to be given a lot of the items for the nursery from close friends who have had children already! Let's begin.

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• Week Twenty Eight •

I've officially hit another milestone! THIRD TRIMESTER! Where has the time gone? I was told it would go by fast & when I was told this I was probably 9 weeks along. I was just dragging every day because I felt like it was going by so slow! Now, I wish I had more time with being less uncomfortable though. The overwhelming feeling has officially set in like I need to get everything done. Which, I will probably get the majority and be bored by the end of my pregnancy waiting on little one to come into this world to join us.

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• Week Twenty Three •

I didn't think much of it but then Wednesday rolled around & I was having bad cramping when I was at work.. I do what every other pregnant woman would do and turn to mom groups & forums on pregnancy sites. Looking up " Cramping 24 weeks, feels like period cramps." I got a mix of answers so I called my maternity doctor and let her know my symptoms the last couple of days and how I've been feeling. She said I should head to the hospital to be assessed, but before we made any solid plan she put me on hold for a couple of minutes and we both decided I should just come into the office. So thats what I did!

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• Twenty Weeks & Twenty One Weeks! •

Uhm, hello lung capacity WHERE DID YOU GO?! I've noticed these last two weeks it is getting a little harder to do everyday normal exercise. Along with kicks or headbutt's to the bladder so I feel like I need to hit the washroom even though I did 3 minutes ago. These last two weeks have been somewhat uneventful apart from Spencer feeling little one kick for the first time! It was such a cool moment. We've been waiting for this moment ever since I started feeling him kick at 16/17 weeks!

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