100 nights with Endy.


This post is in collaboration with Endy . This is my 100 night honest review.
Thank you Endy for gifting me your mattress, pillows & sheets.

When we moved into our forever home we knew that a mattress upgrade was necessary after having our other king mattress for 7 years. I was having awful sleeps on it & live with chronic back pain so a good mattress is an absolutely necessity for me. When we moved, we ended up staying in our guest bedroom using our old bed until we painted our master bedroom and did the little reno’s that were needed with wiring & whatnot. We couldn’t wait for our new mattress from Endy to come in! Since the mattress, sheets and pillows were gifted we ordered a new bed frame from Endy along with the mattress protector to feel complete! We also got our son a twin-sized bed frame. It is the easiest to set up! Just like the instructions say. Ten minutes or less.

We’ve now slept on our Endy for a copious amount of nights and while I was pregnant & uncomfortable the Endy made the end of my pregnancy as comfortable as I could get sleeping. Many pregnant mamas tend to say that they can’t sleep closer to the end of their pregnancy and let me tell you, I was not one of those them! If I could stay in bed all day I totally would. No shame about that.

We were so excited to get new pillows as well because we had our original pillows for some time and it was also time to upgrade those. My husband snores like a freight train now because he’s getting such a good snooze. I’m a light sleeper so I can attest! I love that the pillows came with a little bag that you can take the filling of the pillow out and put in the bag to store if you want to use it later and make it more customized to you.


Overall, we love our Endy mattress. We get the best night's sleep, even now with a newborn. We feel that the 6 hours we get at night isn’t as bad when we get that full R.E.M sleep with Endy. We’re now wanting to really complete our Endy experience and possibly get the duvet for the colder months.

Have you tried an Endy Mattress?

If you’re waiting on purchasing, I wouldn’t! Sleep is precious & a priority. Use the code MILLENNIALMOM50 to get $50 off any size mattress.

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