Hospital Bag Must Haves

Millennial Motherhood - Hospital Bag Must Haves, for baby & you!

This post is a unpaid sponsored post by Aleva Naturals. Please note that all opinions and reviews are my own & 100% honest! Thank you Aleva Naturals for gifting to get our nursery stocked up & ready!

Hospital Bag Must Haves For Baby & You

34 weeks pregnant as I write out my hospital bag must-haves because I don’t feel I will make it until my due date! I gave birth to my son Lucas at 38 weeks on the dot! I went into labor when I was 37 weeks 6days pregnant. I want to make sure I am ready for little one young number two’s arrival because now having a toddler & still unpacking our home some-what I feel so unorganized!

This post is also in collaboration with another mama blogger, Jannine Mackinnon! You can go check out her blog post once you’ve gotten to the end of this post! We have been friends since our sons were wee little potatoes. We actually found out we were pregnant within the same week! However, she is 39 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

So here I am, writing to you all today to keep myself on track & to help any of you expecting mothers out! I hope my hospital bag must haves help you out on your big day in the delivery room, postpartum & for baby!! I’ve decided to start with baby must-haves for the hospital for my post as Jannine will be starting with mama must haves!

Baby Newborn Must-Haves for the Hospital

Newborn & Size 1 Diapers.

Newborns can come into our world fitting perfectly into the newborn diapers or they can arrive as a cute little chunk & already fit into size 1! However your baby can be in newborn diapers up to 9/10lbs. Size 1 diapers weight is 8lbs.

Sensitive Wipes Unscented Preferably.

When my first son was born we were instructed to use a cloth & water. It’s the most gentle on their little new bare bottoms. I 100% believe this is the best route to go unless protocol is different where you live. However Aleva Naturals has great wipes that are for sensitive skin & unscented and the wipes are biodegradable!

Baby’s Coming Home Outfit.

This is always a fun one, and I know mama.. We can’t just pack one choice! I totally recommend packing a few cute outfits because you never know if you’ll change your mind the day you’re discharged from the hospital! I would also recommend brining footie sleepers. I am in love with the buttery soft organic Kyte Baby Footies right now! Of course also bring along hats, booties, socks or scratch mits for baby as well. Newborns can get cold easily! During skin to skin baby can wear a hat & socks.

Baby’s must have’s is a short but sweet & important list! Our local hospital has put a policy in place to only provide 6 diapers for baby and they actually give a cute knitted hat and swaddle upon baby’s arrival. The knitted hats are made by volunteer knitters! It’s also important to bring the wipes because of this new policy of restricting what is given to parents in mother & babe you don’t know how many clothes you may get for wiping the precious poopy bottom! Like I said above, Aleva Natural’s wipes are biodegradable, so no need to worry about being eco-friendly in this situation! :)

Hospital Must Haves For Mama & Birthing Partner!

When you’re in labor you will realize how much you don’t care what you look like. I remember wanting to go into labor with a full face of makeup and falsies because you see women post during labor or post birth looking all dolled up. Let me tell you, that is not reality! I remember putting my hair in a bun, being half naked because my gown was so far off my body from wanting skin to skin with my son & just being overheated from pushing. Bring only the essentials. You will thank yourself later. You will have photos if you have someone capturing the moments in the raw, most beautiful form of you becoming a mother or brining in your second, third or fourth child!

Nursing Bra.

I absolutely believe in investing in a good nursing bra… or 5. I am in love with two brands, Boob Designs & Bravado Designs I have purchased other brands and have either found them not to fit nicely or they pull or itch!

Mesh Undies/Postpartum Underwear

We are so lucky that the hospital actually provides mesh undies for us here in Victoria. I’m not sure how it is in other cities or countries. However, Im sure you can find someone on Amazon OR get yourself a postpartum kit from One Tough Mother (Canadian).


This can be anything you feel is a necessity! I’d like to be a little ready afterwards with some tinted moisturizer, concealer and a lip mask for throughout because hospital air is DRY. I know I know, sorry for having a list inside of a list!

  • Tooth Brush

  • Nipple Balm

  • Stretch Mark Cream (Yes they can still form after birth)

  • Perineal Spray

  • Reusable Nursing Pads

  • Pads for postpartum bleeding!

  • Sitz Bath for postpartum or haemorrhoids post birth.

You will also want to bring a robe or nursing friendly clothing as well for post birth. I remember wanting to be in my own clothes ASAP after giving birth to feel more comfortable. The nurses will come and check on you & will want to check your private area to see how the bleeding is going and swelling etc so I recommend not putting on PJ bottoms of sort. a nightgown would be a huge plus!

Now, let’s quickly talk about birthing partners. They have a couple must have’s as well! We can’t leave them high & dry! They will be with you from start to finish so they need some lovin’ too! Bring enough snacks for the two of you, but also don’t forget to bring your vitamins! Just because you gave birth doesn’t mean you should stop taking your prenatal or any recommended supplements.

Also doesn’t hurt to bring a phone charger, camera charger, toiletries if they are there for awhile to freshen up as well.

Now back to you mama for the last little bits!

Important Documents

If you have a birth plan, remember to bring that with you. I recommend brining a small travel filing folder for all the documents you will receive once you have given birth, you will also want it for your contact list and any important pieces of ID, care card and benefits card. It’s also great to bring a note book and pen if you don’t go the digital route.

Non-Slip Socks or Slippers

Last but not least, this is a no-brainer and normally the hospital will provide you with some if you don’t have your own. You don’t want to be slipping with baby in your arms or if you’re on the way to the washroom. I will be brining my pair I had from last delivery with my son Lucas (photo below) I love them! Along with my inhale, exhale Bump Life ones!

I hope I covered a lot of ground in this post for you today. Bookmark it so you have it on hand or you may be one of those super organized mama’s who have been skimming through this post and writing them down in your handy notebook already! YOU’RE READY MAMA. I hope you have the best labor & delivery. Now go check out my lovely friend Jannine’s blog post to see what she’s packing in her hospital bag! she has also created the perfect printable to make it easier on you! No need for the pen & paper if you didn’t have it handy. :)