Why Philips Avent Bottles Is His Go-To Bottle

Millennial Motherhood - Why Philips Avent Is His Go To Bottle

Please note that I am creating this blog post as a ambassador with Philips Avent & PTPA. All opinions are my own & I only partner with companies I genuinely love or have used prior to being contacted.

Lucas has been bottle fed ever since he was 8 weeks old because my nursing journey ended too soon against my will. It wasn’t working out for us unfortunately. However, I chose to exclusively pump for my son and we had a long journey of 18 months! I was dedicated. We tried one formula and it was a few sips and I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I wanted Lucas to have my milk for as long as possible and that meant committing to my son’s health by taking my nutrients. We are a plant-based family so for Lucas to have milk up until he is two years old is vital, however thankfully we have a beauty plant-based option available so he has that daily since we stopped our breastmilk journey.

 Lucas has been using Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottles with the Air Free Vent ever since he was months old and the cutest chunky monkey! The fact that these bottles are Parent Tested Parent Approved has given Philips AVENT Anti-Colic Bottles the Seal of Approval to build trust & advocacy among new parents & the parental community makes me feel good about choosing Philips Avent. Bottle feeding him never diminished the bond we had while feeding time. That was my biggest fear, greatest sadness while making the choice to stop breastfeeding. I know I am still giving him the most nutrition just not straight from the breast!

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The tremendous difference in the volume of spit up when Lucas was younger was astonishing. Significantly less frequent! The AirFree vent is designed for less air ingestion and is clinically proven to reduce colic, fussiness because the nipple of the bottle stays full of milk while the bubbles flow up through the vent! 


The Anti-Colic Bottles are BPA free and they're also leak-free because of the design, being wide neck with rounded corners which also makes it extremely easy to clean. We have tried so many brands of baby bottles and we also seem to come back to our beloved Philips Avent. Just can’t keep Lucas away!

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Now with baby number two due to arrive in August we plan to introduce Philips Avent to little one young #2 when the time is right. We have our handy bottle warmer ready to go for the late nights. We got really lucky with Lucas because he would be my milk straight from the fridge and chilled! I am happy to be prepared with the bottle warmer just in case his brother is the opposite of Lucas.  The fast bottle warmer warmed milk evenly in only 3 minutes! It can also defrost milk slowly or warm up baby food! I can’t wait to put it to use in August.

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What was one baby item essential that you thought you could live without but ended up actually needing it & being so grateful for it? Leave your response in the comments below.

I hope “our” review, since it is Lucas & I, has helped you with your bottle search!