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Millennial Motherhood - Lise Brown SkinCare

Lise Brown Cosmetics has been in my routine for about a month now and I have some thoughts on the products I’ve been using recently for you! First I want to give you a small background on Lise Brown Cosmetics and how it came to be!

Established in 2010 on Vancouver Island, Lise Brown is an independent line of personal care products. The only local manufacturer and distributor of professional grade, organic skin care and clean mineral cosmetics that is home to Vancouver Island. Originally Lise Brown was designed with and for mature skin in mind. As a mom now, I have seen what having kids can do to your skin! It was .. well, ruin it. No nice way of say it. Why does it get ruined? Well, because we focus more on our kids instead of ourselves, we lack hydration, we grab a baby wipe to “clean our faces” Lise Brown Cosmetics & Skin Care’s products are so easy to use in the nick of time.
Combining both the strength of innovative science and mother nature, Lise Brown Cosmetics is green but never granola. Their goal is to provide an affordable, professional quality product that will be a highly effective solution for all ages and skin types. Empowering women with the knowledge and means to get them on the path to visibly healthier looking skin. 

Millennial Motherhood - Lise Brown SkinCare
  • Skin loving botanical’s and active ingredients without the use of chemical fillers in an effort to maintain your skins healthy balance while nourishing and restoring at a cellular level.

  • Makeup that will never accentuate your age but instead accentuate your natural beauty. Cosmetics simply to enhance yourself while letting your skin breathe and be healthy.

  • Handmade fresh in small batches, natural solutions and cosmetics are always safe to use on the body and can relieve problematic skin and their sensitivities. Healthier skin will inevitably help women age gracefully and be confident in themselves. Plant based ingredients for a healthier you and a healthier planet. 


Weightless moisturizer supports dry and mature skin. The fragrance free formula super hydrates with hyaluronic acid while mango seed butter promotes firmness and elasticity.  Finishes to a smooth softness without any oiliness. I have been a huge fan of using face creams ever since I became pregnant. I will say prior my skincare didn’t really include a face cream, just serum! However, my skin has become combination and pretty dry around my eyes and chin/jawline. When using the Revitalize Face Cream it absorbs relatively fast and doesn’t give me that oily feel I despise!



  • HYALURONIC ACID - A naturally occurring polysaccharide substance (complex sugar) attracts and retains high levels of moisture

  • ALOE VERA & CUCUMBER EXTRACTS - Significant suppliers of moisture, these ingredients are soothing to the skin

Using the Revializing Facial Serum for the first time I noticed the scent was pretty intense like roses which would be the only downfall for me. Otherwise I really love the consistency of Lise Brown’s serum! It absorbs quickly and if you’re in a rush I feel like it is suffice if you skip the moisturizer, but to keep your skin at the ultimate supple feel I wouldn’t recommend skipping often! Keep that face cream close by ladies!


Full Coverage Concealer $22.00

This has to be my favourite product. However, I use it as a double duo! I use it all over my face because I use a sponge to apply my face makeup I feel like it is more of a sheer coverage. It is buildable so I do double it as a concealer under my eyes and on darker spots on my face like the veins around my mouth/chin and my birthmark.

It glides on and blends perfectly, then stays put from am to pm.  This creamy concealer hides flaws, blemishes and dark circles with full, natural-looking coverage. When you want that barley noticeable face make up this is the one for you. I couldn’t rave enough about this product. Enriched with a hydrating botanical complex, anti-oxidant protection, and light-diverting agents. Protects against free radical damage and is free from parabens and harmful synthetics. No nasties!


Lise Brown BB Cream $28.00

BB Cream has been one of those go-to’s for me as a mama, I cant really stand the feeling of a thick foundation anymore. They cakey feeling has got. to. go. Lise Brown’s BB Cream is formulated to self adjust to match your skin tone. It is a light weight & sheer coverage. Perfect for just that tint you’re looking for!

o    Moisturizes and provides deep hydration to skin

o    Protects from sun damage with natural sun protection ingredients

o    Corrects and evens skin tone without masking or heaviness

o    Consolidates skin-perfecting products into one easy to use product

o    Enzyme exfoliant, papaya, helps to reduce surface dead skin cells, promoting a brighter complexion


If you’re local or even a reader across the pond. I would highly recommend checking out this brand because I believe they have a product for everyone. I wear the concealer daily & use the face cream & serum nightly when I shower. My skin needs all the help it can get!