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Millennial Motherhood - Ethical Baby & Toddler Clothing Brands You Must Check Out

I asked a couple weeks ago my Instagram if parents would like to see a baby & toddler fav clothing brands blog post. The votes came in with a overwhelming vote of yes! I have 2 people vote nahh as they are not parents. Wooohoo! I am so excited to show you these awesome brands I so often go on about on Instagram!

When choosing Lucas’s clothing I like to look at the fabrics their made out of. I am extremely picky due to the chemicals that can be found in kids clothing… Just watch the documentary called STINK!. It’s frightening! I first started looking into fabrics prior to becoming pregnant with Lucas probably because of another documentary but it was so long ago. It is incredible what you find in bother fast fashion & high end stores.. Same fabrics but are they on a different level? Is one polyester different form the other? It’s hard to research because you can deep dive but also be brought in circles. Im here to show you brands I true and that are ethical, nontoxic, chemical free and beautiful sustainable quality!

Modern Baby

When I first discovered Modern Baby I was one of those moms-to-be that was like WOW THAT IS WAAAY to expensive. However, I remember seeing this cute hat they made for newborns that said “You are my sunshine” at a local market we have here and I held off for literally ten minutes.. I went back and another mama as purchasing it and the makers didn’t have the fabric any longer so I really beat myself up over not grabbing it because I always called my mom “You’re my sunshine” and I knew Lucas would be my Sunshine once he arrived. He still is. That being said, My girl friend Hayley highly recommended Modern baby and I splurged and bought two knotted gowns for new born Lucas and was hooked.

The quality is unreal.
Tencel organic cotton made crew sweater & Bamboo organic fabric. To say I am obsessed with modern baby may be a understatement. When Little One Young Number Two arrives they already have 3 pairs of modern baby pants waiting for them! The patterns are SO cute and many can be considered gender neutral!

Millennial Motherhood - Modern Babe.

Sloane West Clothing

Sloane is another local company here in Victoria, BC that I came across last summer. I am obsessed with sweaters so it was only appropriate I purchased a sweater for Lucas. Sloane West was named after the owners daughter and also the brand is known for being gender neutral! Each piece of clothing is hand made while using recycled fibres. I fell in love with Sloane’s romper as well you can see folded on the left side. They have their new Spring/Summer collection with shorts legs. You can find them here!

Millennial Motherhood - Sloane West Clothing

Kewe Clothing

If you follow me on Instagram you know I never shut up about Kewe Clothing… My girl friend introduced me to this brand and I have never looked back. Lucas has been wearing their clothing since he was about 6 months & now at the lovely age of 17 months he is STILL wearing the clothing! It just fits a little better because he’s not a chubby little bean anymore! I am getting the use out of the shirts and pants I’ve purchased along with ALL THE BIBS! .. I cant stop talking about the bibs, sorry not sorry! The absorbency, the quality, the durability! You see in the photo below Kewe carries terry cloth bibs and also ones with pattern on the front and terry on the opposite side. When I first purchased I was loving the patterns but I noticed myself using the terry cloth side a lot more so the patterns would clash with what he was wearing… Kewe ended up coming out with the full on Terry Cloth Bibs shortly after… I purchased 10. #addicted.

Millennial Motherhood - KEWE Clothing

Peekaboo Beans

Lucas has been in Peekaboo Beans since he was about 12 months or so and we absolutely adore the quality. If we could compare it to another brand for adults it would be Lulu Lemon! We love the fabrics, the durability and how none of the pieces we own have come apart once, no loose thread, no holes, nothing! I believe Peekaboo beans is absolutely investment pieces perfect for any babe or tot! Peekaboo Beans do not use harmful dyes or toxic chemicals, and are proudly in a global partnerships and are rigorous about our ethical labour and quality guidelines. Their partners provide fair wages, overtime and clean safe working conditions.

Millennial Motherhood - Peek A Boo Beans