Why I chose Aleva Naturals

MIllennial Motherhood - Why I chose Aleva Naturals

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All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.

When Lucas was born we went through trail & error with multiple baby care brands and maternal brands for myself! I went into London Drugs one day and saw Aleva Naturals when Lucas was ill with a cold. I purchased Aleva’s Soothing Comfort Chest Rub and Nose 'n' Blows Wipes. Once I used those two products I feel like I was hooked! What really drew us in was that it has the label “vegan” on it as we like to be as plant based as possible. Lucas also tolerates Aleva’s Nose n Blows wipes over using another brands baby wipe on his face because some wipes can be soft on one side and coarser on the other! Who knew!? I didn’t realize this until I washed my face with a baby wipe! Besides that, when we started to brush or rub Lucas’s gums getting him ready for a toothbrush for his cute little baby teeth, we use the Tooth ‘n’ Gum wipes because he doesn’t tolerate the tooth brush just yet. We always try to use his tooth brush first and if he starts to fuss we go to “tickle his teeth” with one of the Tooth ‘n’ Gum wipes! It’s a constant routine and although we purchase two lots of wipes.. He is starting to enjoy brushing his teeth if my husband or I brush our teeth with him! I believe 12 packs of 30 wipes come in a big pack from a distributor but since we have baby #2 on the way they will come in super handy!

Millennial Motherhood - Aleva Naturals

That being said, with baby number 2 on the way, Aleva Naturals really stocked me up with a bunch of their products and I am so appreciative! It was perfect timing too because Lucas has an eczema break out on his face so the Calendula Skin Remedy came in handy right away.. Sadly I think he’s sensitive to olives since it’s the only new food he has tried recently and loves but it just doesn’t agree with his skin. Using the Skin Remedy calmed his skin down.

Moving on to mama! As you may already know, or maybe you’re new! I exclusively pump for my son still and he is 16 months. I am just a milk machine I tell yah! I produce 36oz daily and currently starting to cut my pumping time for 20 minutes downwards to start weaning my body/ and my son from my milk as he is fully on solids but his main source of hydration is still breast milk. Saying that, I like to use a Nursing Balm by Aleva because it has no animal product in it. The most popular ingredient it most nipple balms in Lanolin which comes from Sheep! Aleva’s Nursing Balm is 100% vegan and cruelty free. It also is super soothing! As a pumper my chest still can get dry just from the suction so soothing with Nursing Balm really helps.

I believe that Aleva Natural’s is one of the best brands out there that needs more praise than it already gets! They have every wipe that you would need, their also 100% toxins free, unbleached, , vegan like I have already said, and last but not least BIODEGRADABLE after 28 days! Their baby wipes are biodegradable after 21days! I couldn’t rave more about this brand that has been with me through Lucas’s Infancy and now a helping hand through his toddler years.


I hope you enjoyed this review of Aleva Naturals, again all opinions and thoughts are my own! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below.