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JUSU Body Baby Collection Review

100% my own thoughts and honest opinion.

JUSU is a local company that I have fallen in love with over & over again for the last couple of years. They have expanded into much more than just a juice bar. When I decided to research more into JUSU and why it started it really hit me hard in the chest. Learning that the CEO, Bruce Mullen’s wife passed away from Breast Cancer and knowing Bruce was looking for ways to reverse his wife’s fatal illness. Jusu was created in honour of Charlene, his wife. JUSU's focus on striving for a zero-impact lifestyle continued with the realization that the cold-pressed organic juices was a nutrient gold mine. JUSU Body started in 2016, with pure, organic juice pulp-infused and plant-based skincare products to protect your body and the environment.  I purchased a couple of their items when it launched and ended up buying my husband the shaving cream along with their ginger soap bar.

All-natural, plant-based, clean personal care products. Because what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Together, JUSU Body and JUSU Bar are inspiring health and energizing lives.

From the beginning JUSU's founder and CEO, Bruce Mullen, envisioned three pillars of Pure products to Protect you in life. With the first two pillars established as Jusu Bar and Body, Bruce sought to develop a full Lifestyle brand.

I purchased the baby line soon after it had launched because my son Lucas has incredibly sensitive skin. I needed to find products without nasties, without skin irritants and something that was gentle. I went on a whim and purchased the whole collection because it was available in a cute box! Im a sucker for packaging.
JUSU Baby is a gentle and safe cleansing and nourishing collection for your baby. I was 100% drawn in because I am a plant based mama and look for plant based products for our family! The products are made with herbal blends and soothing ingredients like aloe, chamomile and shea butter. JUSU made these products softly naturally scented with having your baby’s wellness in mind. Although the products are scented, they are FREE of fragrance, gluten, parabens and toxins. Pure just for baby & mama’s belly!

Soothing Balm:

This is a multi-use products and I have loved it for my lips in the winter, my elbows & my nips! It’s plant based and lanolin free which is a huge plus since I am plant based & go as vegan as I can when it comes to purchasing products. I have also used the soothing balm on Lucas’s eczema on his arm. It works wonders! I would highly recommend as it is scent free and no nasties, just like all their products!

Calming Diaper Cream:

Using the Calming Diaper Cream on Lucas was a god send when he had a bad rash from a diaper brand we were trying out. The consistency of this diaper cream reminds me a lot of creamy clay kind of like butt paste! It’s honestly a perfect guard! We previously had tried EVERYTHING under the sun. I wish I was kidding… I have a drawer full of diaper creams that have all these magical claims that aren’t as pure as Jusu’s diaper cream, and didn’t work! We do have another diaper cream that does work for us that we use on the go in the diaper bag but the Calming Diaper Cream is our go-to for our sensitive little guy’s bottom.

Nourishing Baby Lotion:

Can I use this lotion too?! It absorbs so fast. I love using the nourishing baby lotion after Lucas’s baths and he’s thankfully learned to love baby/toddler massages after a bath. He realized how nice it feels! Wahooo! Anything that absorbs quickly is good in my books!

Gentle 2 in 1 Baby Wash & Shampoo:

Okay, this is the product that was a miss for me. Only because it is very watery consistency which I wasn’t expecting. We will be using it up but it’s not going to be a repurchase for us unfortunately unless its reformulated to be less watery. I did’t realized it said water in the title in blue, but I had also purchased it in a baby collection box. My worry with this product is that it goes on Lucas’s head to wash his hair and I can’t guarantee it won’t go into his eyes. I wasn’t about to put it in my eye to check either! So, sorry but I would not recommend this product.

Restoring Belly Butter:

Hi hi hi, this is my all time favourite because I use it nightly! It smells like a delicious London Fog latte to me! The blend of orange & vanilla is pure bliss to my nose! I look forward to massaging the Restoring Belly Butter because of the scent and how quickly it absorbs. I have a pet peeve of moisturizers not absorbing quickly into my skin. So with my last pregnancy this is where I fell short when it came to maintaining my stretch mark free belly.. I now rock some tiger stripes but hope not to add more. Although I can do what I can do prevent, it also is genetics!
I would highly recommend this belly butter because it’s my holy grail now and I will 100% repurchasing even after I give birth to lather my body in it!

Jusu is on a mission to offer high quality, pure and plant-based products that are 100% natural without any nasties. I hope you enjoyed my review of their baby collection and purchase your own because that belly butter is a must! I swear!