Purple Mattress: Tips to Transition Your Little One

Millennial Motherhood - Purple Mattress - Tips to transition your little one.

This blog post is sponsored by Purple Mattress

Since we have little one young number 2 on the way we have decided to transition our son to a twin sized mattress in the next couple of months and I hope to be successful with it. I’ve done some pretty extensive research on transitioning because I want it to goes as smoothly as it can, or as smoothly as my son will let us! We decided to keep it very minimal at the beginning of the transition. So far our only step was putting his new Purple Mattress in his room. He absolutely adores it and understands it is his big boy bed. Therefore he loves to grab “Teddy” and curl up when it’s close to bed time. He knows it’s meant for sleeping on. However, we have a couple of things to work on before we start the full on transition.

1. Knowing boundaries and that the bed no longer has side walls to it.
2. Lucas likes to push boundaries
3. I, myself don’t think Im ready for the rocky bedtime routine, the 3am wake ups.


We will transition Lucas closed to when baby number two is here or even wait a little longer since we will be having a bassinet for the new baby. That being said, when it comes time to transition I’ll be looking back on this post and using these helpful tips I’ve accumulated!

  1. Slow & Steady.

  2. Start with naps.

  3. Don’t change bed time routine.

  4. Read books about big kid beds!

  5. Use safety rails at the beginning so they become familiar that it is a difference from the crib but still will make your tot feel safe.

Patience and persistent are the two things you’ll need to get your toddler willingly and happily into their new bed. Lucas has already had one nap in his bed but we are in no rush! He voluntarily decided to pull his quilt and teddy from his crib & head to the Purple Mattress for his afternoon nap!