Decorate Your Wall with Mixtiles

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This blog post is sponsored by Mixtiles.

Moving into our home 5 years ago, I knew we would be here for some time. I always felt that because it’s a rental I wouldn’t want to make it homey because we will be leaving. That being said. We decided this will be our last rental before we purchase a home. We rent a little two bedroom basement suite & our walls are still bare for the most part! I’ve always admired gallery photo walls. I wanted to make one of my own. Specifically on the bare wall above the our kitchen table. I’ve always been a huge fan of sharing my photos & memories without frames. I just don’t find them necessary. Also framing can be mighty expensive! I love the look of photos without frames to be honest. I discovered this really cool app called Mixtiles. Mixtiles syncs directly with your phone’s camera roll to quickly and easily order high-quality prints that come in less than a week. Also they always have free shipping!

I chose photos that were cohesive or that could work together if I did a pattern. I wanted to print photos of Lucas when he was a new born but also a perfect ratio of photos of him with myself & his father, Spencer. What I loved about Mixtiles is that you can place them anywhere. If you don’t like the placement; you can un-stick & make it picture perfect by re-placing the Mixtile. Mixtiles are 8 by 8 inches large, and just under an inch thick so they make for the perfect gallery wall! No hammers and nails needed. It also took just a couple of minutes! Quick & easy.

What really stood out to me when I got my tiles in the mail was the care. You get a slip with signatures of who worked on your tiles to ensure that they are pristine & perfect. I really appreciated that little piece of information I wasn’t expecting! It made me feel really good about ordering through Mixtiles. I will definitely be purchasing in the future due to the care of the tiles. Our room is next for a little gallery wall!

I am so happy with Mixtiles and the fact that they are easy to move around & readjust as I please. When we do decide to move it will be an easy transition for our little gallery wall! If you would like to purchase your own tiles. Head on over to the app store on your phones & get downloading Mixtiles. You can use the code MILLENIALMOTHER15 for 15% off your tiles! These would be the perfect gift for Christmas for your family or friends. Holding memories one tile at a time.


I hope you my little review motivates you to go & get your self a dozen beautiful tiled memories for your home! Nothing beats having memories on the wall. I love that I can look up from the kitchen table & if I am having a bad day, I can remind myself what I am thankful for. My family & these memories we created.