What's In My Diaper Bag 2.0

Millennial Motherhood - What's In My Diaper Bag 2.0

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I previously made a What's In My Diaper Bag last year before my son arrived. What I thought would be in my diaper bag! you can check that out here. Looking back, I actually don't hold all of those items in that bag! So, I have decided to make a new 2.0 version of the real deal of what goes on inside my diaper bag. I decided to make the switch from a backpack to a shoulder bag/purse looking diaper bag. I was tired of carrying a backpack around because I feel like it made every outfit look less put together! My new diaper bag is by Little Unicorn I got it on sale at a local mama store called Mothering Touch & I am so happy with it!

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  1. Seventh Generation Diapers
    Sturdy, DO NOT LEAK & control those crap explosions. We have tried multiple companies & we of course are very conscious about the chemicals put inside some diapers to help with being absorbent. We tried going with another brand one time because they were on sale and we ended up straight back with Seventh Generation. We haven’t been disappointed!

  2. Huggies Natural Wipes, Wet Ones Wipes & Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Nose n’ Blow wipes
    We have tried multiple wipes & Huggies was the winner!

  3. Weleda Diaper Cream
    Weleda is our go to ever since Lucas was weeks old because he has SUCH a bad bum rash when he was a newborn we were at a loss. We even tried butt paste the was recommended by his doctor and that didn’t work. Just lots of air time & slathering on the Weleda!

  4. Bandana Bibs
    The bibs we use are from Kewe Clothing they are the reversible Bandana Bibs that come in two sizes to fit most NB-3T. Backed with unbleached bamboo terry cloth, while unbelievably soft, is also HIGHLY absorbent, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. I purchased these bibs because I knew they were quality and I’ve never looked back! I couldn’t recommend them enough. Below you will see Lucas with the bibs & I will either put them on the reversed beige side because it goes with every outfit. Duh. Or you will see the pattern :) We have about 10 of their bibs! I have to blame my friend Tawnya for getting me started with Kewe Clothing because honestly the quality is there and everything we have purchased still looks brand new.

Extra outfit (bodysuit pants, shoes)
Lucas sometimes will surpise us with a poop explosion up the back or vomit from A. either eating to much or B. not liking what he ate so he voms.

Ziplock bag for blow outs - Not pictured. self explanatory.

Changing pad (I love that the bag came with one!) Folds up perfectly & is structured just enough!

Toys to play with & distract - Sometimes Lucas just isn’t having it in his car seat or stroller so in come the headache saving toys of distraction! Also perfect because their teething toys as well. 2-1 are always great!

Love Child Puree Pouches, snacks & chia squeezes for mama.
Love Child is the only brand we purchase from for puree’s and hot cereal. I love their mission & I know my son is getting get the best nutrients! I also really really like the Chia Squeezes because their delicious. They also double if we run out of Lucas’s pouches he can have a chia squeeze!

We love our Little Unicorn Muslin Quilt Blanket! My grandmother got it for him before he was born and it has been our go to! It is super durable and cozy!

Essentials for Mama:
- Wallet
- Keys
- Halo Saje Wellness Peppermint role on for headaches.
- Lip Balm
- Hand Sanitizer
- Hand Lotion
- Tampon just in case
- Hair tie & clips

Ok mamas, what am I missing here to avoid future #momfails? Let me know below! I love my new diaper bag because its easy to carry and stylish. Like I said above. a diaper backpack just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore.