A Day In A Life Of A Mama Blogger

Millennial Motherhood - A Day In The Life Of A Mama Blogger.

What is it about blogging that causes people to think it’s not actually work? I often find myself also saying I need to work but also get a little tongue tied when I think about it.. Am I really working? YES IAM.  I can’t count the number of times someone has told me that it must be so nice to play around on the computer all day. Or how they wished they could work whenever the mood struck and take time off whenever they wanted. I’ve heard all of that and more. I would often have friends or others as me “How do I get started.” .. Well, let me write a book for you! If someone comes to me & I see genuine interest & see the steps they take to get started I will be full hands on if they want my help.. However, time & time again I have had coffee meet ups, sent word documents outlining steps, explaining it’s a lot of work to get started and stay on top of it.. Just to have said person to not ask about it or go on anymore. I understand blogging isn’t for everyone but It’s a lot of time & energy when you’re trying to help someone get started!

I wish blogging was what people assume is easy, don’t you? That we could just play around for a bit and work when we felt like it, and call it a day? We can dream! And we can work towards that as our long-term goal, but chances are, right now you’re in the same boat as I am. We still have to put in the time to grow and build our sites, to connect with our readers, and – let’s be honest here – to build up our revenue streams so we can support ourselves and our families. I don’t know what a typical work day looks like for you, but this what an average work day looks like for me while on maternity leave.



8 AM – I’m up, usually under protest. I head to the kitchen and put on the espresso machine. While I wait for the brain power juice to heat up I check in on my social media accounts on my phone. I’m just checking notifications, I might respond to a comment or two & check my emails, I flag any important emails and delete spammy ones & close the app. Once I have my coffee, I’m back off to my computer. This early morning time is when I work on any emails, courses or challenge I’m currently taking. However, I do work on the courses during his first nap too. I’ve found it’s much easier for me to do these first thing. Especially when Lucas is still sleeping. He sleeps until 9-9:30am

9 AM– It’s time to trade my blogger hat for my mom hat and get Lucas up, changed, fed, & play! During this time I play with Lucas and let him play independently.

10 AM I check in on Instagram & do my daily post. I add to my stories etc. If it is Monday, I often have a Mama Muse Monday on my stories featuring new mama’s each week. I do a round of social media check ins, then I spend the next 2 hours working on blog stuff. Depending on the day, this might mean research, drafting a post, working on editing photos, creating content, doing a project, working on a course, or working on site improvements like new landing pages and updating old posts.

12 PM Lucas normally wakes up around this time, so we get the day started and go for a walk or go to a play date!

2 PM – It’s email and comment time! I respond to emails that need a response and take action on anything needing attention. Once I’m done with my email inbox, I spend whatever time is left going through and responding to comments on my blog or social media accounts. The afternoon is often a mix depending on his we’re home or out & about.

3 PM – Lucas goes down for his second nap, sometimes final nap. I like to get more editing, writing done during this time or I have to do house chores like laundry, cleaning up around the house etc. Depends on how Im feeling that day. If you follow me already on Instagram I post often to my stories, either curated to share fellow mama’s blogs or my own, or more daily vlog style.

5 PM – It’s dinner time! If I am making something fun & delicious I like to share on instastories & will ask if you want the recipe IF it is one I made. Or I will share the creators of course. You can check out my mushroom soup here! Once dinner is finished & ready, Lucas is awake just in time for dinner. He normally has we my husband & I eat. It’s always fun at dinner because most of the time it’s new foods!

6 PM to 8 PM During this time is my most silent besides when I sleep on social media. It’s bed time routie, bath, putting my son to sleep.

8:30 - 9PM – You didn’t really think I was done did you? I wish! New ideas have no respect for office hours. I spend the next hour or two.. or three chilling with my husband and making notes for things to do tomorrow, or next week, or writing down new ideas that pop into my head. I also need to spend some time on social media, this time, it’s about interacting and supporting fellow blogging friends, or I do it throughout the day. When I say chilling with my husband i mean he’s PC gamer ( you will see his gaming corner soon! I am redecorating) and he plays his games while I blog, get things ready for the next day & schedule.

Once Lucas is in bed It’s my time to indulge & just listen to music, get inspired and work.

I don’t put in a full day on the weekends normally, Weekends are reserved for planning, scheduling social media, research & often photos where my husband can help. He’s a great Instagram husband hahaha.

That’s what a typical work day looks like for me. Your days probably look different, but I’m sure we can all agree that blogging takes a lot of time. We’re not dashing off a quick post to share something with family and friends. Oh no! We’re crafting content that we hope will fill a need in our readers. We’re researching topics, keywords, social media strategies, and marketing plans. We’re dealing with the back end stuff on our sites like creating landing pages and updating menu bars. Connecting with one another on social media to lend a hand, ask for advice, or just to talk to people who get it.

We’re just plain busy – and for the most part, we kind of like it that way. Although as you can see my days are somewhat structured but my time could be managed a lot better! I am currently taking the steps to better my daily time management & will need to implement my old habits once I am back to work! You can read about making time to be successful here.