The "MUST DO's" Before Bed

Millennial Motherhood - Selfcare

Meditate: I was so skeptical but goodness it really makes a difference. I used to only meditate in the morning but I have added in night meditations and I feel like I sleep so much better with a clear mind. I however don't meditate every day/night. I started meditating when my mother passed away to help with my anxiety & PTSD. It has helped tremendously. 

Read:  I am a big fan of reading before bed. It relaxes me and it’s so much better for you than watching TV. Although I do love a good movie at night with a giant bowl of popcorn. If you have me on Instagram you will have probably witnessed that bowl of popcorn LOL.

Take a bath/shower: I am not a bath person but I do love taking showers before bed when I can. If I do take a shower I use this shower gel at night and I swear it helps. I also use as local shops lavender sleep spray on my pillow & sheets at night. Check it out here. However, if I had a Lush bath bomb I will definetly take a bath over a shower! 

Do a face mask: I love face masks for ALL times of the day, but if I do one at night I use this one.  I have always raved about OSEA. Vegan, Natural, Good for the environment.

Journal: It doesn’t need to be a journal you write in, you could even do it on an app on your phone but it’s a great way to get thoughts out and clear your head. I really like the app called Day One Journal

Drink tea: I LOVE LOVE LOVE chamomile tea before bed. It calms me down & just is soothing. I use to drink a lot of chamomile tea when I had stomach issues in the past and it would help tremendously.

Turn off screens: This is what I am the WORST about, but turning off screens will help you sleep better. 

I personally think these are the best things to do before bed but do you have anything to add?