The fun is just beginning!

My son, Lucas is just beginning to show interest in other babies, animals & wanting to go to the things other babies his age are doing! Even with friends who are 6 months old than him & walking... He is eager to be at the same pace. 

I was always told by family & friends who have young kids that the age from 8-9 months onwards is when the fun really begins. Although you may feel like the exhaustion never ends (it doesn't) You at least get to get out doing things with friends & meeting new little families & feeling refreshed & not a tinge more exhausted than you were prior to going out of the house constantly if you were a homebody for the first part of your childs life. (me)
I actually can't wait to get outside with Lucas! I don't like staying in all day. If Im bored I can only imagine how boring it is for Lucas.. Although he has tons of toys to keep him entertained.. Turns out I get bored of the toys he plays with. Now Luke is becoming more of a tiny person & wanting to explore more than just under the kitchen table. 

Peekaboo has become one of Lucas's favourite little games. He will smile & laugh automatically! He loves meeting new people and giving them smiles too.. Around 6 months I was told is when separation anxiety can set in. So my husband & I started to play Peekaboo in hopes to help! So far, the last 3 months Lucas hasn't had much separation anxiety. Fingers crossed the hiding behind objects, our hands.. has helped! 

Splash Pads, Activity Cubes, Bubbles, Pillow Mountains are just a couple of things you can do with your baby at 8 months old! I think our favourite right now is trying all sorts of new foods & meeting other babies. Lucas absolutely loves to meet other kids and just like any other baby get in each others personal space while us, the parents, chant "Gentle, be gentle" In hopes our kids will eventually learn. He is a water baby that is for sure. He loves to splish-splash in the baby pool in our backyard or at the recreation pool. We spend a lot of time also at our local splash pad that's about 20 mins away & has multiple coffee shops for us moms who need the caffeine. helliljuah. 

To make things fun for Lucas in doors if we don't go out, we like to set up an obstacle course so he can move around, over or through! We have a little tunnel he can go through supervised. Another fun thing we like to do is pillow mountain where I put pillows all around his play area or his father would on the couch & Lucas likes to test his body strength to move over them. 
Sometimes it can be a hard choice to stay in if it's sunny out but with having A/C on some of the hottests days it is what is best for Luke.

I hope you enjoyed this post whether your babe is younger & this gives you some ides or some ides for your babes if their older too!