Nursing Journey Ended Too Soon

My nursing journey started off strong but ended around 2 months, I have another blog post here, if you want to check it out! Please note that I am creating this blog post as a paid ambassador with Philips Avent & PTPA. All opinions are my own & I only work with companies I genuinely love or have used prior to being contacted. During our short breast feeding journey I was feeling extremely annoyed because I felt like I was doing everything in my power to keep breast feeding but we kept running into issues. Over supply, suspected tongue/lip tie, poor latch, insanely sore nipples, you name it. I made an appointment with a lactation consultant and it was helpful but I felt as if I was having more issues because my breasts are pretty big.. I was regulating my supply & ended up with mastitis, then blocks ducts, milk blisters.. I didn't really catch a break! I was becoming super emotional. I just wanted to breastfeed my child. IT IS HARD. Don't beat yourself up.

Once I decided to stop breastfeeding I was pumping exclusively. We naturally gravitated towards Philips AVENT brand and picked up some of their Natural Glass Bottles and also have their Anti-ColicBottles with AirFree Vent. Luke took the glass bottles no issues but he was spitting up often. We thought it was normal because you always here about babies spitting up! Once we started using the anti-colic bottles we saw a tremendous difference in the volume of spit up. Significantly less frequent! The AirFree vent was designed for less air ingestion and was clinically proven to reduce colic, fussiness because the nipple of the bottle stays full of milk while the bubbles flow up through the vent! 


Using bottles to feed my child has been a breath of fresh air seeing as my husband can do bedtime routine or get up for a night feed if Lucas wakes. It's given me a little freedom. Fed is best. ❤ The fact that these bottles are Parent Tested Parent Approved has given Philips AVENT Anti-Colic Bottles the Seal of Approval to build trust & advocacy among new parents & the parental community makes me feel goof about my choices! It's also nice when the grandparents can bond with Lucas while feeding him. Lucas loves eye contact while drinking his milk. He's the light of our lives & bottle feeding him never diminished the bond we had while feeding time. That was my biggest fear, greatest sadness while making the choice to stop breastfeeding. I know I am still giving him the most nutrition just not straight from the breast!

Well, now Lucas has woken from his nap! He stares up at the baby camera then sucks on his thumb until I go and pick him up! Perfect timing as I finish up this update/review!
I hope you enjoyed it and if you are looking for the perfect bottle. I believe you've found it within this post. ツ