I see this passed around the internet like a badge of honour. Shouted from the rooftops proclaiming you are officially a better mom if your life consists solely around making sure your nuggets are tended to. I am here to disagree. I actually think hobbies & activities outside of your mom duties help make you better wife, mother, friend, etc. 

Let me explain:

While being completely pigeon holed into a single activity may seem like the best way to be the most awesome version of yourself, it’s not. Variety is the spice of life. Lets embrace it.

Just a few months ago I was lucky enough to become a mother. I still ask myself daily how I ever became fortunate enough to be entrusted with this miraculous human life, but here I am a mothering the hell out of them all while having hobbies, passions, aspirations that come from other things besides changing diapers. A new person within me was born in my the day I became a mother. No foolin'.

For all those saying, “I don’t have time for hobbies like you since I work” (i hear you & my ears are bleeding). I am in the process of attempting to becoming a work from home mom. Although the first few months of my little one's life I was bombarded with feeling guilty, not good enough, not organized enough. I also had to stop thinking negatively & just breath. I am a NEW mother. I am still navigating this new life I have with my little human. I may not be as consistent as I was prior to his arrival but I try my very best to get things out & quality content over quantity.  

I would also like to start actually getting out more & incorporating more into my daily life. I am still balancing out naps, feedings, pumping schedule. I will have another post up soon about my nursing journey momentarily. Part 2 is a 100% go. I will say, it is not easy.
I would also like to start baking again! I have such a passion for baking.. Although I cannot perfect a cookie for the life of me. I think I fold the dough to much, I know.. It sounds silly but making a cookie from scratch is hard! Maybe it's just me..

TODAY l challenge you to find 2 hobbies and leave them in the comments section below.  Explain how YOU will go about these hobbies & beginning them! (Showering doesn’t count, you should be doing that daily as well. Even if it's a quick rinse, you deserve that relaxing 5-10mins! ) We are all here to cheer you on. Get your mom tribe together and get to hobbying. I think we owe it to our children & spouses but most importantly to ourselves to have hobbies & things that separate us from our “job” as mom.   Find something that ignites fire in your soul. No excuses. Unless you're a brand new mama then I totally understand hehe.