• Peapod Mats •


I first heard about the Peapod Mats from Erin Ireland who I follow on Instagram months before I was even pregnant. I thought it was the coolest idea because I know the hospitals have the pink & blue mats they have on each bed for accidents etc. When I became pregnant I immediately remembered Peapod Mats & reached out to the company.


Amanda & Liz from Vancouver, BC are two moms thought of this amazing idea to create a good quality re-usable waterproof mat. The idea came from their own experiences with their kids having accidents. When I reached out to Amanda & Liz and proposed my platforms they were supportive of the idea. I was so excited! Months later once Lucas was born (October) I emailed to confirm. A Peapod mat was sent my way & it has been religiously used ever since!
We like to use our mat for air time. Lucas, just like any newborn as very sensitive skin. He developed a small rash & we tried every diaper/barrier cream under the sun & multiple diapers until we found the ones we liked. Lucas would lay on the Peapod Mat & do tummy time/air time during the afternoon & during his afternoon nap. It's honestly his favorite! 

The mat can be used for multiple things & is also for kids & adults of course! The Mat comes in 3 different sizes making each size perfect for specific uses. 

 Changing Mat

 Playpen Mat

 Bathing Mat

Tummy Time

Potty Training Mat 

Toddler Nappy Time Mat 

Highchair Liner

Stroller Liner Mat 


Preschool Rest Mat 


Picnic/outdoor Mat





The PeapodMat is a unique combination of 3 layers that creates a super-absorbent breathable waterproof mat. When designing PeapodMats Amanda & Liz made a conscience decision that they be as breathable & eco-friendly as possible. By using a soft breathable cotton & TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) coating for waterproofing we achieved just that.

- TOP LAYER: Breathable terry cotton; grid stitched to prevent bunching

- MID LAYER: Polyester liner to absorb and disperse moisture

- UNDER LAYER: Brushed polyester to grip surfaces; coated with breathable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) waterproofing


Over all, Peapod Mats are very versatile for any occasion that an accident could happen! Super easy to pack around with you as well. It folds up nicely and it's crazy bulky. This mat like stated above isn't just for babies & kids. It is also great for adults who are effected by incontinence, post surgery, or even postpartum!