❤ My Labour & Delivery Story ❤

Let’s say it all started on Sunday, October 15th. I had an impressive bleed and went to the hospital to get checked out. That’s when I found out I was 1cm dilated. Babe & I were A-okay & we went home after getting the go ahead that my water didn’t break. Monday, I ended up staying home because of close to no sleep over the weekend. Wednesday finally came & I have my regular maternity appointment. My doctor checked my cervix & I was 3cm dilated & my belly was measuring a week ahead at 39 weeks. She said “I’ll be surprised if you make it to next weeks appointment.” Which I’ve been told pregnant women can be dilated at 2-3cm for weeks and even go over their due date so I wasn’t so fixated on her comment. After the cervix check I had cramping all day but dull. I ended up getting an hour or two of sleep & then woke up at 1am and didn’t sleep until 5am for another hour. Afterwards I got up & couldn’t sleep, just feeling off. All day I was feeling on and off cramping. Once Spencer got home we went for a walk to the grocery store and then had some dinner. I ended up getting more cramping around 6/7pm I started getting contractions close together, so I ran a warm bath to try & help the pain. I was texting my girl friend Lindsay telling her what was going on & how I was feeling. Suuuper helpful she gave me some pointers. Nothing was slowing down so I got out & started just walking around and timing my contractions. It had been 2 hours at this point. 5mins apart lasting 1 min long going down to 3 minutes. At this point I told Spencer it was time to go to the hospital. He just que’d for a game (he’s a PC gamer, it’s his hobby) his games normally last 30-45 mins and I was like OH MY GOODNESS. Anyways, he finished the game & jumped in the shower quickly as I cleaned up the kitchen to keep myself occupied. I then grabbed a couple of other items to throw in the bag last minute & off we went! Although I do have a high pain tolerance it still was a little on the intense side. Intense menstrual cramps. Once we got to the hospital our wonderful birthing photographer, Shea, was waiting patiently at the entrance. She is the owner of Coastal Lifestyles Photography.  She took all the photos you see in this post + a ton more!  We walked up to labour & delivery. I had an off feeling as the nurses seemed to think I wasn't in labour because I want showing the physical pain signs. I admitted myself & they took me to my room. I went over certain things with my nurse & got settled. The doctor came in and checked my cervix and I was 5CM dilated. My contractions were consistent. My doctor almost didn’t believe I was in labour because I was still acting so chill. However, when the doctor asked about my "birthing plan" I told her I didn't want to get the epidural unless I had to and she mentioned that it's something we need to order in and let the anesthesiologist know.. So we booked for it. While waiting the nurse providing care for me hooked up my IV. We had a little trouble with it.. Which was SUPER painful. She put it into a valve I was later told they are not even suppose to use! My blood wasn't even coming through because it so much pressure. It felt like someone jammed a steel pool into my tiny vein.. Which technically they did... It was taken out once the nurse realized it wasn't working. It was way worse than getting the epidural! I was so chicken of the epidural to the point I was almost crying & my breathing went all funny. It was super easy to get! After it was done I specifically said "Man, what was I being such a chicken about.. I could do that over again!" Hours past and it was now 5:30am. The doctor broke my water, feeling ready to push but told not to start because a small edge of my cervix was being stubborn so I waited a good hour while feeling like I was holding my child in with kegels! (I definitely was not, I pushed for 4 hours) TALK ABOUT A LONG TIME. At the beginning it was fine. I could deal with the pressure & pain but the more Lucas was moving downwards the more pressure built & it was becoming unbearable. I would constantly say "I can't do it. Im Sorry!" I became exhausted relatively quickly. The nurses had be do 4 different pushing positions. It was insane. I really did a full body work out! Even my neck. I would do the regular push you see in movies, then a squatting position with a bar, holding onto handles on the sides of the bed (the rowboat) and then what we called "the water skier" LOL. Throughout my whole labour & delivery we had some good laughs. I was in good spirits the whole time. Until Lucas crowned. What they call the ring of fire is real.. It was the most pain I have ever felt. The doctor told me to stop pushing and so I started breathing technically and then pushing slowly which was torturous but best for baby & me. It was to get him our safely but also so I wouldn't tear.. I tore anyways. 11:35am, October 20th, 2017 Lucas Calvin Young was born.


The room immediately burst into euphoria once he was out & put on my chest. Everyone was crying. It was beautiful. I no longer felt pain although prior I was screaming like I was being burned alive. I don't know any other way to describe the pain. Once we were done crying & the doctor stitched me one of the nurses was so lovely and made me toast with peanut butter on it while Spencer & I had alone time with our son.

Most amazing experience of our lives. Spencer, my spouse was an absolute dream. He was the best support. Emotionally & physically. He helped me with each position while pushing and in between contractions he would hold me while I slept for a minute or how ever long I had in between contractions. I don't think I could have done it without his immense support.  I will forever be grateful to have my husband by my side, helping me through every single second of labour & delivery.