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If you would like to know the process & how Kimiko Foster decided on every ingredient, down the packaging, just watch the video I have linked below! Kimiko has such a soft presence. Sustainable skin care from local Victoria BC.

I have been using the Glitter Face Line by Miiko Skin Co. for the last month and have seen a noticeable difference in my skins cleanliness and the feeling of not being dried out like most skin care lines would do! Strip you of your natural oils.  I have also noticed the anti-inflammatory benefits on my small break outs I get! My skin has been so happy using this line and my oil production has gone way down. I use to be very oily because I thought the more alcohol based products, the more salicylic acid products I use the better to help keep my acne at bay. Holy moly was I ever wrong! Miiko is made with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals "We are not interested in making a product that can sit on a shelf for decades and remain unchanged." If you purchase this line and you are eligible for a 15-minute phone consultation with Kimiko the owner of Miiko Skin Co. Together you will create a customized Miiko Skin Co routine just for you. Also at check out if you request your consultation in the "Notes" portion Miiko Skin Co will follow up within 48 hours.

Using this line the only trouble I had was coming to terms with putting MORE oil on my face! I was chatting with Kimiko and she kindly supplied me with education and science behind adding oils to your routine.
"Our skin naturally produces oil to create a strong brick wall that will prevent water loss (dry skin), and infection (break outs and eczema). When we wash, wash, wash our skin will go into over drive to make more oil and fulfill its "job". So when we use oil (specifically jojoba oil) as a moisturizer, we not only support this "brick and mortar wall" but we also tell our skin it doesn't need to make any more oil!"

Using oil lightly will actually balance oil production over time and reduce the oily-ness on your skin!

Here is the break down on the way Kimiko designed the recipes for this line.


1. Acid Mantle: The skin makes a thin mucous membrane on the top of our skin using its natural oils (sebum), water (sweat), and good flora. This mucous membrane is called your acid mantle. It is acidic... about 4.5-5.5 PH.

  • When we use the face wash we are gently cleansing the skin of dirt and bad bacteria but also washing away our acid mantle.
  • Using the toner as the second step after the wash will help to bring the skin back to an acidic state
  • Having the skin expresses this acidic state is crucial to reducing the number of break outs because bacteria, fungus, and viruses cannot thrive in an acidic environment. (Think of areas where we wash/sweat a lot... backs, hairlines, feet, groin) These are all areas prone to breakouts, and fungal or bacterial infections! 
  • The wash + toner combo is developed to wash and then protect!

2. Lipid Matrix: The skin's top layer of skin resembles a brick and mortar wall... where the skin cells are bricks and the mortar is the natural sebum (OIL) produced by the skin. ** this will address your concern about using an oil or serum!

  • The purpose of the face oil products is to nourish and maintain this brick and mortar wall.
  • Often excessive washing, or using alcohol based products (like hand sanitizer), or even change in climate can strip the skin of its natural oils and as a result leave gaps in the brick and mortar wall.
  • When the brick and mortar wall has holes, we experience dry skin (because water is being lost from our bodies to the air), and irritation. Bacteria and allergens get between the bricks and cause break-outs, and commonly eczema
  • It is very common for new moms and nurses to experience dryness and issues on their hands because of excessive washing. This is a good example of the brick and mortar wall breaking down and irritation occurring. 



  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Good for irritations and skin sensitivities
  • Brighter complexion
  • Reduced bacterial breakouts and blemishes 
  • Balanced oil production
  • Minimized scars and wrinkles
  • Nourishes and hydrates lipid matrix
  • Optimize skin health and longevity

Using these products you have a couple of choices on how you go about your routine. I've taken this information from www.miikoskinco.com  to give you an idea on the difference routines you can do using these products specifically! 


Saving Face Wash + Saving Face Toner + light/moderate application of Face Oil 

  • Here is where you will discover the rate at which your skin will ingest oil.
  • Generally, this is a good daily routine for regular-dry skin types and anyone living in a dryer climate.
  • Women who do not deal with acne or blackheads enjoy this daily routine to help with age prevention, scar treatment, and reducing the signs of sun damage.
  • Suggested products: Saving Face WashSaving Face TonerGlitter Face Oil, Golden Face Oil, & I-Coco


Saving Face Wash + Saving Face Toner

  • This is your go-to routine for acne-prone and oily skin. This is also a great routine for active lifestyles. When you finish sweating at the gym or at a juicy yoga class wash out your pores with the Saving Face Wash, and balance the skin surface with the Saving Face Toner
  • Great for the summer season and more humid climates
  • Women love this routine for smaller pore size and reduced blackheads.
  • Regular use of the Saving Face Toner will provide a natural chemical exfoliation and contribute to a healthy glow of your skin. 
  • Suggested products: Saving Face WashSaving Face Toner,


Gently massage a Miiko Skin Co Face Oil onto a dry face in circular motions, and rinse off using a warm cloth/warm water. Follow with a light use of the Saving Face Toner

  • Oil cleansing is a natural way of cleaning the skin without using any soap at all. After all traditional soap is made using an oil base. 
  • Also, oil cleansing will moisturize the skin and help strengthen the stratum corneum (the top layer of your skin)
  • This method will also help balance oil production on the skin. Letting the skin know it does not need to product anymore oil in the oily zones!
  • Completing this routine with toner will help reduce pore size and balance the skins PH.
  • Suggested products: Saving Face WashSaving Face TonerGlitter Face Oil, Golden Face Oil, &I-Coco



  1. 5 pumps Face oil + 1/4 c epsom salts 
  2. 1 tsp I-coco + 1/4c morning coffee grounds
  • Using the Saving Face Toner will provide you with chemical exfoliation every day. (learn about the difference between physical and chemical exfoliation here)
  • Physical exfoliation is good for maintaing a healthy young skin tone, however it should not be practiced more than 2 times per week. Do not practice physical exfoliation if you suffer from severe bacterial acne inflammation. It is just spread the bacteria around. 


  • Let the epsom salts sit on your face to allow minerals to absorb into the skins surface. Helps to support mineral balance in the skin.
  • Apple the coffee grounds under the eyes to bring circulation to the surface of the skin and reduce dark circles under the eyes.
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Thank you Miiko Skin Co for collaborating with me and making this post possible! Overall I highly enjoyed each product and have seen a significant change in my skin texture, pigmentation and overall my oil production! 


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