• Week Twenty Eight •

I've officially hit another milestone! THIRD TRIMESTER! Where has the time gone? 

I was told it would go by fast & when I was told this I was probably 9 weeks along. I was just dragging every day because I felt like it was going by so slow! Now, I wish I had more time with being less uncomfortable though. The overwhelming feeling has officially set in like I need to get everything done. Which, I will probably get the majority and be bored by the end of my pregnancy waiting on little one to come into this world to join us.

This week I can say the lower back aches are real, pelvic pain is a new one so I will be chatting with my doctor about that one! I've officially gone from getting up once in the night to getting up 2-3 times to wee. Always around 4 am too. I can no longer really reach places to shave, I walk much much slower because of the back/pelvic pain and slip on shoes are my best friend. 
I can no longer squeeze to get into the truck anymore in our driveway so I have to walk to the end and let Spencer drive down.. Which I find HILARIOUS. Although I've been getting bigger the number on the scale has stayed the same for the last 3 weeks, I noticed my thighs aren't rubbing together too! Since adopting the vegan lifestyle it has stopped a lot of bad cravings that was making me gain weight rapidly. My body is still changing & growing bigger and babe is getting the best nutrients since this is the best I've ever eatin.. I wish I was kidding! 

Our boy is a our squishy! Seeing him at 28 weeks was so amazing. I loved seeing him yawn, smile & well his lips! He has my lips! He has his daddys big smile though, I bet his hairline too heheh. 

Being on Instagram constantly I was determined to try and win a DockATot & I did it! I knew it was unrealistic to purchase one with while they can be up to $400 in CAD. I bought a bassinet second hand for $30 for babe the week prior, I thought to myself.. How funny would it be if next week I win a DockATot.. Well, that's exactly what happened! I got the message in my DM's & my eyes almost popped out of my head! I was shoook.
I ended up selling the used bassinet for what I paid for it. Our DockATot came in the mail so fast and we were so excited to open it.. 

Our little (not so little) Silver decided it was hers. I said she can only be on it with the protector on it. She hopped off after I gave our kitties dinner and it's now in a safe place but you can see from the photo below, Silver was in bliss!  

We had our 3rd prenatal class & had the hospital tour. It was really great! However, I had an anxiety attack while in one of the labor/delivery rooms when the instructor turned on the bed warmer to show us how loud it was. I think what triggered it was the loud beep. My brain went right into panic mode & I felt my eye tearing up and my whole body just going into a sweat. I felt like I went from 36 degrees to the highest fever you can get in seconds. Worst feeling ever and I've never experienced it before! I ended up leaving the room to redeem myself with Spencer and went back in once I felt cool enough & calm. I've always had a hard time with hospitals after spending 3 months in 2015 there with my mum before she passed away. I will go into that someday on my blog because I think it will be important to share my story and how I feel about becoming a mother without a mother. 

Overall, this week has been really good, just uncomfortable. Hoping next week is better but that's wishful thinking because I know I will just start to get more uncomfortable!