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Seaweed + Plants + Flowers + Salts + Botanicals + Essential Oils

Here's a little back story about how I found OSEA. It was approximately two years ago through a friends Instagram feed! Super easy, although I was thinking at the time dang, pricey skin care.. (now this is when I struggled the most with my acne & felt like all skin care was a scam.) I then won a giveaway on Instagram & the lovely woman, Mary I am in contact with asked me about my skin type & set me up with these range of products. I fell in love. I used every product up & repurchased the Sea Minerals & Blemish Balm as I felt those two were 100% essential. I love that OSEA is a family run business to this day & thriving. I 110% believe in the their products & that each claim on the products are in fact truthful and not gimmicks like you'd see on products in stores these days.  

I am fortunate enough to partner with OSEA. A brand I stand behind & have seen the results. I've fought against pigmentation, cystic break outs, uneven skin texture & oily skin. If you've read my previous skin care posts you would already know this. :) 

I have described each product above below, OSEA prides themselves in using completely organic, vegan-friendly ingredients.


The Ocean Cleansing Mudd - Clarifying & Exfoliating Deep Pore Cleanser

This exfoliating, oil-balancing cleanser deeply purifies and thoroughly decongests oily and blemished skin. A potent blend of USDA Certified Organic Algae and Cypress oil removes surface impurities and visibly balances blemishes. Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Rosemary provide a cooling sensation and leave skin feeling refreshed, energized, and clarified.


Sea Minerals Mist - Hydrating + Revitalizing Mineral Mist

This nourishing elixir delivers immediate hydration and prepares skin for maximum absorption of serums and moisturizers. Organic Patagonian Seaweed, Dead Sea Salt, and Aloe Vera provide mineral-rich hydration and help soften skin for a balanced, toned and soothed complexion. Supercharged with Mineral Peptides to plump skin. Reduces the appearance of surface redness and pores for a perfectly revitalized look.

Blemish Balm - Ultra Lightweight, Blemish Balancing Botanical Moisturizer

This ultra lightweight, yet powerful moisturizer provides perfectly balanced hydration while effectively targeting blemishes and future breakouts. Minimizes the appearance of pores and oily shine. Soothes redness and irritation. Rich in USDA Organic Algae, Mineral Peptides and a blend of oil-balancing Tea Tree, Rosemary, Juniper, Cypress and Thyme essential oils. This potent formula leaves skin feeling clarified, moisturized and refreshed.

Essential Corrective Complex - Clarifying & Balancing Face Oil for Blemished Skin

This active blend of botanical and essential oils targets blemishes by removing surface impurities for a balanced complexion. Tea Tree, White Thyme and Juniper help to minimize the appearance of pores, breakouts and oily shine. A spot solution or all-over treatment for a clarified look. Skin is left feeling purified and refreshed.

Organic and natural luxury skincare... Products that actually deliver results by nourishing the skin with potent, bioavailable ingredients. Seaweed is a nutrient-dense superfood. Seaweed, the star ingredient in OSEA products, contains powerful bioavailable minerals and nutrients that are readily absorbed and utilized to rejuvenate skin. Infused formulations with plant-based active ingredients and organic essential oils from the earth’s own garden that have been used to beautify skin for centuries. The synergy between seaweed, organic essential oils and nutrients creates powerful anti-aging solutions and effectively reduces the appearance of blemishes and oily shine.

If you would like to browse their products you can just simply click here! Thank you so much for taking the time to read todays post.  :)