≫ Nursery Essentials ≪

I may be a soon to be mumma for the first time but I feel like I am pretty aware of what the essentials are for your first nursery or a small refresher! I was lucky enough to be given a lot of the items for the nursery from close friends who have had children already! Let's begin.

1. Crib, Cradle or Bassinet.

I have been told that you really don't need a crib right away since baby will be most likely with you 24/7 & co-sleeping with the bassinet. We were given this Graco "Ashleigh" design crib from some lovely friends who have had three little ones & they barely used this crib because they had a co-sleeper crib in their room. We also have a DockATot for multipurpose use! You can use it for tummy time, changing, playing, bed transitioning, lounging, resting & just around the house!



2. Firm Flat Crib Mattress

I was fortunate enough to receive a NewtonBaby Crib Mattress to review. It is 100% breathable, washable & even recyclable! The mattress is so breathable you can literally smush your face into it and still be able to breathe. I feel so confident in this mattress for my babe on the way in November. Not that I want him to be on his tummy or even unattended. He will not be!

The mattress is firm enough to be the perfect mattress for baby's growth & development. It can also be perfect to use when babe turns into a toddler! I was convinced this would be the best mattress for out little babe when I read about what it was made out of. Wovenaire is a patented core, 90% air and 10% food grade polymer the provides comfort of foam and latex without any drawbacks. What other mattresses are made out of, this one is not. It does not have foam, latex, springs or glue you would find in other mattresses. Which means no off-gassing, toxic chemicals or allergens. The mattress is 100% recyclable too! The Wovenaire reduces suffocation risk, allergens, overheating and bacteria growth. 


I would also like to recommend purchasing replacement covers so you can always have an extra on hand for middle of the night accidents. Newton Baby has colors available in White, Pink,  Blue & Gray. The spacer cover is easily removable for machine washes in case of small accidents. and replacement covers are sold separately. You can find them here. 


If you think this mattress is right for your babe & you would like to purchase. Head to www.newtownbaby.com I have a special discount code for my beautiful mama's & any husbands who read mom blogs. You never know! Discount code for 15% your 1st purchase: MillennialMotherhood

3. Fitted Crib Sheets

The most essential baby bedding item is fitted crib sheets. You will want to have a few of these for convenience reasons. When one pair is in the wash, you can use the second immediately rather than waiting! I have been lucky enough that Nest Designs a Canadian brand based out of Vancouver BC had reached out to me to review their beautiful crib sheets and I have nothing but great things to say!
The crib sheets are made of a bamboo blend, soft & breathable muslin fabric so little babe can have the sweetest of dreams. Nest Design's beautiful sheets retail for $42 CAD.


4. Dresser or Change Table 

Believe it or not, you will change approximately 2000 diapers in the first year of your baby’s life! Having somewhere that is loaded up with diapers, near a diaper pail, wipes and sudocrem makes the whole process much easier, more hygienic and much more comfortable for the carer! Many changing units double up as dressers for clothes storage which is especially useful if space is an issue. As you can see below, I've made my own with baskets! I labelled ours for my spouse so he doesn't have to ask me where things are because even living in our home he asks me where things are CONSTANTLY in our kitchen! So this way, he won't have to bother me if I am sleeping. Men can be so clueless sometimes & Im sure you know how irritating it is! Sometimes you wonder if their acting dumb on purpose! heheh sorry Love! 

5. Swaddles & or Receiving Blankets 

Most newborns sleep much better being swaddled because it gives them the coziness they knew in the womb and it helps prevent them from waking themselves up with their flailing arms. I have a bunch of Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets and will probably find them to be great for lots of different uses such as a swaddle, as light blankets, a nursing cover, and an on-the-fly-spit-up-catcher. We would like to try out a couple of sleep sacks as well because I've heard so many good things about them! We would like to keep on the more minimal side as much as we can. I've been recommended to have between 4-6 swaddles. Although I want to me minimal I always say the more the marrier! 

4 (1).jpg

6. Heavier Blanket

If it's the colder months when babe is born, he or she will probably love to be wrapping in a nice cozy blanket during the autumn/winter on strolls or in your arms. You will closely monitor babe for the first couple of months so making sure that they are warm & cozy is important! As they start to get older the quilt or blanket can be used much more. In the first couple of months swaddling will happen, but you can do that with a muslin blanket or even a lightweight quilt. I just do not ever encourage extra blankets, extra anything in the bassinet or crib with your child as they can suffocate. 

2 (1).jpg

7. Night Light

A nightlight is another useful low cost addition to your nursery. Whether you want to check on your baby or change a nappy, a nightlight will enable you to see and do minimal disruption to your sleeping baby!


8. Sound Machine

We have the Baby Shusher it has two timer options being 15 minutes and 30 minutes & adjustable volume. The rhythmic shush is like the inside the womb for baby. That's why white noise is so soothing. These in utero noises can be up to 95 dBs, just like to the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner. Baby Shusher is well within the recommended sounds levels, specifically to protect baby’s delicate ears.

3 (1).jpg

9. Reclining Arm Chair/ Rocking Chair

The long restless nights and the ever going feeding sessions, demand something comfortable for Mum and Dad; and what can be a better option than a nursery chair? Let me just say, a comfortable nursery chair is the real heart and one of the most important aspects of the nursery. In my personal opinion!  They provide a place where you will be spending most of your time as a parent; just like how you invest your money in the best baby mattress your money can buy, why should you not pay for your own comfort as well?

It’s important to understand what your investing in and you are getting the uttermost comfort and quality for your money, so we bought ours from La Z Boy. Thinking about the time spent in the chair & how it must be comfortable. Originally i was looking at a glider on Amazon and would go with whatever was best rated. Spencer then did some research and we decided to go with something a little less "cute" & neutral because eventually when we no longer need it in the nursery it will move to the living room! 

10. Baby Monitor

We have yet to get a baby monitor but have chosen we like the Levana Astra. We like that it has two way communication & the lullaby mode with three different songs for babe to fall asleep too if we decide to switch between the Baby Shusher. We also really appreciate the transmission range & the big screen! 


I hope you enjoyed what I believe to be essentials in a nursery, personally my own nursery for our son! Each list will be different for each set of parents but I hope my list gave you some great ideas!