5 ways YOU can make money from home

5 ways YOU can make money from home

When I started my blog I never anticipated making money from it. I honestly believed I would never be searched or known. This year it has quickly turned into a little side hustle! It brings in enough for me to pay my bills & student loan! I was desperately searching for a way to use my brain, work on my own schedule, and contribute to our family financially while on Matleave. I didn’t want to just sit and watch Netflix while Lucas was napping etc. Like I was doing for 4 months of his life because I has postpartum depression.. I talk about that more here.

If you’re a stay at home who wants to earn an income, or a working mom who wants to be a stay at home mom, or just someone who wants to earn some money from home, this post is for you!



I know exactly what you’re thinking… starting a blog isn’t a legitimate way to make money from home… but, I’m here to tell you that it is!  Starting a blog was the route I took when I was looking for ways to make money from home.  That was less than a 2 year ago and I’ve already started earning more than I thought I would ever make. Right now, all of my income is from affiliate marketing, sponsorships and ad revenue.   The best part about blogging is that I get to create my own schedule.  I’ve been blessed with a toddler who takes amazing naps, so every day during nap time, I sit down at my computer and work.  When he wakes up, I call it quits until he’s in bed if I feel like it! I don’t have a boss to answer to, I don’t have to submit a time sheet, and I get to do something I love.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.  It takes time, commitment, diligence, and a whole lot of learning. Not to mention PASSION!

Millennial Motherhood - 5 ways YOU can make money from home


You’ve probably been invited to join a friend’s makeup group, fitness group, or clothing group on Facebook.  These friends of yours are entrepreneurs and they’re making money from home.  Every time they sell a lipstick, a fitness package, or a pair of leggings, they’re putting money in the bank (and sometimes… it’s a lot of money).  I know many fellow moms who are making amazing money with network marketing. Trust me when I say that these companies are not a scam.  Again, joining a network marketing company will give you the freedom to work on your own schedule, do something that you actually enjoy, and earn great money from home.  Here is a list of a few Network Marketing Companies that are doing booming business right now!

  • Younique

  • Young Living

  • Monat

  • Beauty Counter


If you’re into writing, but don’t want to start a blog, you should consider becoming a freelance writer.  I don’t have a whole lot experience in this field (because I went the blogging route), but if you like writing you could definitely check out Upwork or Toptal


Once I started blogging, I decided to immerse myself in the culture (yes there is a whole blogging community out there) and joined several blogging Facebook groups.  That’s when I discovered that many people work from home as a virtual assistant.  What the heck is a virtual assistant?  A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely for their clients.  Common tasks for a virtual assistant include:

  • Uploading blog posts or managing websites

  • Managing social media accounts

  • Compiling data into spreadsheets

  • Handling calls and emails

  • And many, many more

If you have a skill that you think would be useful to a business owner, you should seriously consider becoming a virtual assistant.  There are plenty of websites that show you virtual assistant jobs, but my favorite is Upwork.


With the power of social media, it’s easier than ever to start a small home business. If your creative side is calling, you should seriously consider starting a home business and/or Etsy shop.  Do you make handmade jewelry?  What about beautiful invitations?  How about some kind of woodworking? or wall decor! The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a product and selling it online. My girlfriend Samantha started her business this year and has done such an amazing job! You can check out her art here on Facebook or here on Instagram.