Increasing your milk supply!

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I don’t think there’s a breastfeeding momma out there who doesn’t worry about her supply.  I was obsessive about my supply when Lucas was first born.  I had heard so many stories of moms who’s supply had suddenly dropped and could no longer feed their babies.  When I would see a dip in what I was producing, I’d use these strategies to increase my milk supply. When I was taking care of myself and following these tips, I’d typically pump between 9-10 ounces from each side! If you’re working hard to keep your milk flowing (or just doing some research ahead of time), try these totally doable ways to pump up production. As my son is 15 months now, I had a drastic dip in my supply a couple weeks ago and found following these tips again really helped! Although the first one doesn’t apply to me, it will more than likely apply to you. I pump twice a day and normally its 6:30am and 8/10pm as I am a working mama.


Nursing your baby on demand is THE BEST WAY to increase your supply.  Our milk works by supply and demand, so the more they demand it, the more our supply will increase! 

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You guys, water is so important when it comes to increasing your milk supply.  Have you ever noticed that when you start nursing you get So. Freaking. Thirsty?  Drink up, mama.  That’s your body telling you that we need lots of water to make lots of milk.  I use an app to track my water intake STILL to keep me accountable to get my H2O in!


Another way to help increase your supply is to pump after feedings or if you are an exclusive pumper, pump more often!  Make sure those milk makers are completely empty.  The emptier the breast, the quicker it works to produce more milk.  Try massaging while pumping to make sure you’re getting the most out of your pump session.  Check out this article from the KellyMom to learn more about how awesome our boobs are! I started to implement pumping at work in the afternoon so I am now pumping 3 times a day.

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Oatmeal is absolutely my number 1 way I increase my milk supply. I remember eating three bowls of oatmeal in one day and noticed that I was uncomfortably full of milk that evening.  Quick Google search and ding!  Oatmeal increases your supply! All the Galactagogue foods are the best!


There are tons of options out there for teas that can help increase your milk supply.  This tea tastes good, is caffeine free, and has tons of ingredients known to pump up production.


I never took any supplements to increase supply, but it’s a great (and inexpensive) way to take in lots of milk making ingredients at one time.  This one includes organic blessed thistle, fennel seed, fenugreek seed, nettle herb, and soy lecithin.  If you’ve done any research on increasing your supply, you’ve definitely seen all these words before.  If you were to buy all these ingredients separately, you’d be spending a fortune.


Keep taking those vitamins you were taking during pregnancy and try to sneak some healthy foods into your diet to keep your body in perfect milk making condition.

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I’m no doctor, just a mom sharing what worked for me.  Good luck, mama’s!
I will be doing a blog post on how to build your freeze stash soon so stay tuned!

- Tanya xo