5 Reasons on why you should be using PayPal Cash In & Cash Out.

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Introducing PayPal cash in and cash out money services, the financial services alternative which allows you to manage your PayPal account and cash flow needs on
your own terms!

Everyday life is busy. Walmart has made life a little easier by partnering with PayPal. Being able to shop at Walmart with PayPal’s new Cash In and Cash Out services will benefit the everyday person, including myself by allowing me, and everyone else to have access to funds on PayPal at our fingertips.

What is PayPal cash in & cash out?
What does it do?

 PayPal users can access their money in their PayPal accounts right in Walmart stores (US locations only) at over 4,700 locations. Allowing you to be able to withdraw & load money right then and there! PayPal users are also able to access their cash balance by using services at Walmart like Walmart Service Desk, cash registers or ATMs for a low fee of $3.00 per service. This is easily done through your PayPal app or with your PayPal Cash Mastercard.  Here are 5 reasons you should be using PayPal’s Cash in & Cash Out services at Walmart.

5 reasons you should be using PayPal’s Cash in & Cash Out services at Walmart.

#1 Accessibility

I believe the accessibility to my cash flow through PayPal will give me the financial freedom when I am in need to access cash quickly and efficiently. By having a PayPal Cash Mastercard I am able to access my money immediately. I can shop in-store & online through Walmart Pay meaning, I can go in without my wallet or not even have to budge from my chair when shopping online! Also, you can receive special offers and cash back rewards.  

#2 Paypal Cash Card

Technology is making things a lot easier! Being able to pay with Paypal Cash Card and not having to transfer funds to a debit card cutting out the wait time for the transfer. Quickly load your PayPal Cash Card as your new debit card. You can shop every where Mastercard is accepted and withdraw from funds at any ATM worldwide.

#3 Pay Bills through PayPal

PayPal is more accessible now that you can load your account, withdraw or just access your account at ANY U.S Walmart location. You can also pay any bills through PayPal which makes
would make my life a lot easier as I like to normally pay my bills electronically instead of old and old fashion cheque!

#4 Paypal Mobile

You can use PayPal’s mobile app to organize your funds if you’re in need of more financial flexibility. You can set up multiple accounts to your Paypal account.

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#5 Security:

You will have peace of mind knowing that PayPal is a very secure financial service because it is encrypted and PayPal has the best customer service. If you have an item you purchase through PayPal that doesn’t arrive or isn’t as described they will get you a full refund.

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Happy financial freedom & I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post!
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