Bitsy Box!

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Bitsy Box is a subscription Service curated for your little one! Curated to your child’s age, and something inside just for you. If you’re not happy with an item in your box you can return it for a store credit plus free shipping back! Guarantee to love your Bitsy Box! I was so excited to receive this box in the mail for Lucas because every subscription box you normally see if curated specifically for adults women, or curated boxes for men. Never kids! Unless your Bitsy Box!

So let me tell you how it works. First, you choose a monthly subscription. Three, six, or nine month subscription. It can begin anytime between your due date and your baby’s third birthday! You would be receiving your box between the 15th and the 29th of each month, so keep your eye out!

In Lucas’s Bitsy Box he received all educational pieces apart from his brush for his now curly hair! He was super excited for his Infantino DisCover and Play Soft Blocks Development Toy. I quickly got them out of the package for him once he discovered the red number 4. He also recieved some water wipes. We have tried them before when Lucas has a reaction to other wipes. These are one of our top picks!

I feel like if you were to get a mama friend who was expecting or a bitsy box for your child’s birthday or your friends child’s birthday it would be one of the best most memorable gift! Nothing beats a little surprise inside a box. You never know what you’re going to get and since it is a different theme monthly/curated to the little one makes it that much more fun!
Lucas also got this really cool scanamations ABC Animal Book! I think I was more excited than he was! Last but not least the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ABC Flash cards that can attached on to anything! Sometimes I will put them on the stroller, his car seat or his excersaucer.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what was inside the Bitsy Box. I would highly recommend these boxes because it’s not only fun for your little one, it’s also fun for you!