Hello, my name is TANYA. ツ


Millennial Motherhood is built on of course, motherhood, my pregnancy, lifestyle, beauty, & foodie posts. I will be sharing my journey through motherhood every now & again. The ups the downs, & sharing with you my mama tips & tricks I've found a long the way.

I'm thrilled that you stopped by and took the time to get to know a bit more about me! I hope to connect with you all and always love to hear your questions and feedback. Your love and support are what this blog is built on. My name is Tanya pronounced (Tan-ya) and I am currently 25 years old with a little bundle of joy named Lucas! My hobbies include baking, writing, dabbling in photography & being a social media butterfly, especially on Instagram. I really enjoy taking curated photos and interacting with moms! My Instagram feed may look somewhat curated but my stories for the most part are almost like a small daily vlog into my life! Although Instagram is showing the best parts of others lives, I still aim to be 100% raw with you guys. Even if I'm having a bad week with anxiety, emotions, etc.

While I am away from the computer or phone screen I love to spend time with family, play board games, go on hikes or trail walks, and check out local events & activities going on in our home city... Or let be honest I'll be trying the next best vegan restaurant or cafe!
I am a big foodie. I can't help it! 

I hope this blog inspires you & you learn one thing new whether its a tip, trick, or a recipe! Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!